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SATIRISTS: Final Draft

By Monday, you must have completed the final draft of your satirical piece. The expectations of the assignment are roughly the same as the previous draft, but obviously this draft has been improved to be more conventionally correct (grammar, punctuation, spelling), to better develop its social critique, and to more clearly create a satirical effect. Be sure to: 

  • Refer to the directing questions (p 301) and the rubric (p 302) in Springboard.
  • Include all aspects of rough draft (including word count, underlined and annotated sentences)

Goals are to develop a satirical piece that effectively critiques an issue within modern society using satirical techniques.
Exemplary Work must demonstrate an exemplary understanding of social critique through satire, choosing and effectively using a variety of techniques paired with mechanically and grammatically accurate writing.

Earlier Event: March 22
ORATORS: Draft with Vocal Delivery
Later Event: April 9
ORATORS: Final Draft