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Two Editorial Cartoons (Group)

As a group, complete two editorial cartoons that provide an editorial perspective on your news subject. Each of these cartoons must:

  • Express a clear editorial perspective/opinion
  • Attempt to criticize a perspective/opinion on the subject so as to convince an audience
  • Use analogy, parody, hyperbole, absurdism or other techniques to convince
  • Be carefully drawn, using labels and captions to make the point clear
  • Be a collaboration between all group members (not everyone needs to draw, but everyone needs to plan/develop)

Goals are to develop effective editorial cartoons on a subject that thoughtfully uses analogy, parody, hyperbole or similar techniques to present an editorial position visually and to carefully read and evaluate the news and editorial content of others to identify weaknesses in argumentation or to clarify our own understanding.
Exemplary Work will have no apparent grammatical or mechanical errors and will express perspectives without ambiguity.

Later Event: March 5
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