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Dramatic Script for P132 Scenario

Refer to the Writing Prompt on page 132 of Springboard. On this page there are three scenarios, and you must choose one and write the dramatic script for the scene you have chosen. This must read like a dramatic script, and so it should be formatted like one, with the details we have seen in The Crucible: some exposition explaining who the characters are with the majority of it being dialogue with some bits of stage direction. You should write this with The Crucible nearby, so you can imitate its style.

Your dramatic script must:

  • Model the style of a dramatic script (it should look like The Crucible)

  • Show characters that are interacting with rumor and fear and, as a result, engaging in irrational behaviors.

  • Illustrate the effects of hysteria on the behavior of individuals and groups.

*****You MAY work with a partner!*****

If you are working with a partner, be sure that both students have their names on the turned in copy and that you highlight (either in the margins or directly on the text) the sections that each student specifically worked on.

*****Please include a key if it is unclear which highlight represents which student.*****

Goals are to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between rumor, fear, and hysteria, and to practice writing a dramatic script

Exemplary Work accurately writes in the style of a dramatic script, including exposition, stage direction and dialogue.

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