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Current State of the American Dream

By Monday, October 15th, you must bring in a news article from a credible print or online news source with an explanation of how the events of that article demonstrate the state of the American Dream.

  • Credible news sources are those that are not clearly written toward an audience‚Äôs bias. Local news is good for this, as are larger publishers that have a long history of publication (New York Times, Washington Post, etc). Do not consider blogs or opinion articles.

    • Look at the other content on the site. If it only serves one perspective, choose another source.

  • Explain how those events are a demonstration of the current state of the American Dream as you understand it. Your write-up must:

    • clearly state what you believe the American Dream is and how available you believe it to be today

    • describe the most significant details from the news article

    • explain how the details from the news article show the current availability of the American Dream

Goal is to clarify our current understanding of the American Dream based on world events.

Exemplary Work clearly defines the current state of the American Dream and carefully selects and explains evidence from the news article.

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