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Three Interview Transcripts

Your news article must include quotes and details from interviews conducted with people affected (or at least familiar with) the subject of your magazine topic. Try to interview people with differing perspectives. You will turn in a transcript of at least 3 interviews - a transcript is a direct copy of the questions and responses. Because each person in your group is contributing to the main article for your section, each person is responsible for turning in a transcript of a different interview. These interviews should have no less than 5 questions each.

Remember: a transcript is a written transcription of what was said. You must write down exactly the words used when asking questions and exactly the words used when given a response.

Goals are to gather relevant information from published and original sources that will support the writing of a news article.
Exemplary Work will include detailed summaries of news sources with careful consideration of credibility and focus on thoughtful questions in transcripts that are word-for-word transcriptions of conversations.

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