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Original Dramatic Script on Contemporary Issue

Write an original dramatic script that makes social commentary on a contemporary issue using an analogous time 

The full text of this assignment are provided:

Your assignment is to work with a group to write and perform an original dramatic script in which you make a statement about a conflict that faces society. By doing so, you should be able to demonstrate your understanding of how Arthur Miller spoke out about a contemporary issue (persecution of suspected criminals) while setting his drama in a time period with corresponding events (persecution of suspected witches)

An effective dramatic script will:

  • Comment on a contemporary issue while setting the script in an analogous time period
  • Include commentary on a contemporary issue that is clear and effectively made
  • Be insightful in its commentary
  • Use a variety of theatrical elements (gestures, vocal inflections, stage movement, props, sounds, settings)
  • Intentionally use elements of vocal delivery
  • Effectively use gestures and stage movements
  • Show a clear sharing of responsibility
  • Be written in the format and structure of a dramatic script (using The Crucible as a model)
  • Include dialogue that makes each character consistent and moves the plot forward.

Goals are to demonstrate an understanding of how The Crucible is a criticism of McCarthy’s hunt for communism and create a work that shows a familiarity with the form of a dramatic script
Exemplary Work will be carefully written and styled to include thoughtful dialogue, clear stage direction, and exposition where necessary, developing a conflict that provides insightful commentary on a contemporary social issue.

Later Event: December 11
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