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Crucible Character Conflicts Graphic Organizer

Create a graphic organizer that shows the complexity of the many conflicts that already existed in Salem during Act One of The Crucible. You may structure this graphic organizer any way you want: you may choose to create a table similar to the one on page 133 of Springboard; you may create a word web with each character in their own bubble and descriptions of the conflicts in the connections between bubbles; you may even come up with something more original and interesting.

Your graphic organizer must:
Clearly identify at least 5 major characters or character groups in conflict with another character/group. You may choose from: 1) Abigail, 2) The girls (all of the girls as one group), 3) the adults (as one group), 4) Proctor, 5) Parris, 6) Giles Corey, 7) Putnam, 8) Hale
Clearly identify the character/group that each major character is in conflict with
Describe the reason(s) that these characters are in conflict

Goal is to identify and analyze the role that conflicts play in driving the action of The Crucible.
Exemplary Work will use textual evidence (with page numbers) when detailing the reasons for the conflicts.

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