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Synthesis of "Coming to America" Poems

By Monday, October 23rd, you are to complete a response that synthesizes the major themes of the poems on coming to America on pages 75-78. This assignment is based on the Springboard prompt on page 80.

  • Consider the three poems you have read - “Ellis Island,” “On Being Brought from Africa to America,” and “Europe and America” - and the connections between the speakers and how they present their experiences. Write a multi-paragraph response in which you use the poems to identify and analyze a common theme connecting the speakers’ experiences. What contradictions between their experiences and the American Dream do the writer’s present, and how do they resolve the conflict they face - if at all? How are those responses to that contradiction similar or different? In your response, be sure to:
    • Include a thesis that connects the experiences of all three poems, and the speakers’ responses to those experiences.
    • Provide direct quotations and specific examples from all three poems to support each claim you make. Introduce points and a concluding statement that reference your thesis.
    • Use a variety of sentence beginnings.

Goal is to demonstrate an understanding of synthesis, using multiple sources and direct quotes to arrive a conclusion supported by all sources.
Exemplary Work will include a clear thesis, direction quotations, and thoughtful analysis.

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