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Research an Iconic Image

Your assignment is based on the research component of Activity 1.8, which states

Research and find your own idea of an iconic American image. This image does not need to be one that has been reproduced across a range of media, but it should represent a significant historical event and elicit a strong emotional response. You will submit an image for your classroom’s Gallery of America and provide an explanation of your choice to share with your fellow students.
As you research your iconic American image, keep in mind the three elements of iconic images:

  • The event is widely recognized as representative of a significant historical event.
  • The image evokes strong emotional response.
  • The image has been reproduced across a range of media, genres, or topics.

This is the task put before you. You must research an iconic image using the tools available to you - library, internet, etc - and be prepared to explain why it is iconic. You will be expected to:

  • Arrive in class with a copy of your iconic image
  • Prepare a plaque on a large index card or piece of paper that:
    • identifies the subject of your image
    • gives credit to its creator, including creation date
    • briefly explains why it is iconic

Advice: AVOID CHOOSING AN IMAGE THAT IS LIKELY TO BE CHOSEN BY OTHERS! I will provide an example of an iconic image on LydonTeaches using an image of the World Trade Center being hit by a United Airlines Flight 175. (You cannot use a similar image yourself).

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