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Conventions Worksheet 42, pg 42: Revising a Paragraph to Create Variety

The example answers to Worksheet 42 are included below. Please complete the worksheet and then check your answers. Students that correct their work will be given full points. Corrections should be done in red pen. 

Keep in mind that the sentences below are examples. There may be multiple means of completing these revisions, and you should do them on your own first. Turning in this work as your own counts as plagiarism, and you will be disciplined for cheating. 


Although flying a kite is a popular form of recreation around the world, kites do not really serve a useful purpose anymore. Named after an elegant bird, they are older than any other form of aircraft. Kites appear in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can be made of materials ranging from paper or cloth to plastic or nylon. The frames are often made of aluminum or fiberglass, and the lines may be nylon, polyester, cotton, or other synthetics. Easily assembled, kites have changed little in design over the years. The Chinese made the first kite some two thousand years ago. To frighten their enemies, they attached bamboo pipes to paper kites. The sound of the wind whistling made the enemies retreat. For centuries, scientists and military personnel have used kites for research. Kites taller than people are flown in Japan during a festival that is more than four hundred years old. Today, most kites are used only for recreation.