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Research Harlem Renaissance Art

We are jumping ahead a bit in our textbook so that we can read Their Eyes Were Watching God, but before we get there we need some historical context. We will be looking at multiple sources of information to help us understand the era of the novel’s release and its many conflicts, and one of these is an examination of the art that was produced during this time. For this assignment,you will choose one of the pieces of art identified below and write about its artist and the work in their contribution to and expression of the ideas of the Harlem Renaissance



Choose one of the following works:

  1. Lift Every Voice and Sing, by Augusta Savage (Sculpture)

  2. Les Fetiches, by Lois Mailou Jones (Painting)

  3. Rise, Sine for They Light Has Come!, by Aaron Douglas (Painting)

  4. Midsummer Night in Harlem, by Palmer Hayden (Painting)


It is expected that you:

  • Provide your own personal analysis of the work before you have done research. What images stand out, what do you think they mean, and why do you think this was an important work during the Harlem Renaissance?

  • Research information that provides context to the creation of the work. Who was the creator and why were they significant? What ideas did the creator tend to focus on, and how did they generally express them?

  • Include details that provide context to the time of the work. What were the dominant concerns of the time? How did others express these ideas in art, literature, music, and/or film?

  • You might also consider how the creator’s work was received at the time. Was it appreciated?