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Conventions Worksheet 36, pg 36: Revising Stringy Sentences

The example answers to Worksheet 36 are included below. Please complete the worksheet and then check your answers. Students that correct their work will be given full points. Corrections should be done in red pen. 

Keep in mind that the answers below are examples. There may be multiple means of completing these corrections, and you should do them on your own first. Turning in this work as your own counts as plagiarism, and you will be disciplined for cheating. 


  1. The railroad had "conductors" who made sure that "packages" traveled safely between "stations" throughout the long journey. The "packages" were fugitive slaves determined to escape to freedom.
  2. Enslaved people had been forced into hard labor and were often subjected to inhumane conditions. Some were separated from their families.
  3. On their way to freedom, some fugitives pretended to be on errands for their masters. Others wore disguises; men dressed as women, and women dressed as men.
  4. While many ministers and farmers volunteered to work on the Underground Railroad, former slaves helped to run it, too. Everyone involved was courageous and resourceful.
  5. Harriet Tubman, who was well known on the Underground Railroad, helped hundreds of people reach freedom. She made many dangerous trips to the South to rescue enslaved people.
  6. Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States during the Civil War, issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. He hoped that the proclamation would help bring slavery and the war to an end.
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