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Conventions Worksheet 17, pg 17: Combining by Inserting Words

The example answers to Worksheet 17 are included below. Please complete the worksheet and then check your answers. Students that correct their work will be given full points. Corrections should be done in red pen. 

Keep in mind that the answers below are examples. There may be multiple means of completing these corrections, and you should do them on your own first. Turning in this work as your own counts as plagiarism, and you will be disciplined for cheating. 


1.     The Great Wall of China is the longest structure ever built completely by hand. 

2.     Stretching along what was then China's northern border, the Great Wall is nearly four thousand miles long. 

3.     Remarkably, the Great Wall reaches a height of almost thirty-five feet at some points. 

4.     The eastern section of the wall, on top of which runs a road made of brick and mortar, crosses the mountainous Mongolian Border Uplands. 

5.     As the Great Wall winds west of Beijing, it cuts across hills and desert where builders used dampened soil to make the structure. 

6.     The Great Wall was built mainly during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). 

7.     After centuries of use, the Great Wall was in need of extensive repairs. 

8.     A lot of restoration work has been done since 1949.

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