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Rough Draft of Social Commentary Drama

For the writing assignment due this week, you are to complete a script of a Drama that you and partners of your choice will present for the benefit of the class. The final draft of this will be a Unit Assessment; the assignment is detailed on page 144 as follows (a rubric is on page 145):



Your assignment is to work with a group to write and perform an original dramatic script in which you make a statement about a conflict that faces society. By doing so, you should be able to demonstrate your understanding of how Arthur Miller spoke out about a contemporary issue (persecution of suspected communists) while setting his drama in a time period with corresponding events (persecution of suspected witches). You must:

  • Set your Drama in a setting other than our own; you may set it in a different time, place, or both

  • Demonstrate a clear criticism of a social issue.

  • Write your script with the style found in The Crucible

    • You must include dialogue, stage direction, and exposition that explains the characters.

    • Your stage direction and dialogue should help the audience understand the actions happening in the scene.

This must be a completed draft that includ