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Prepare for American Dream Roundtable

We will be having a bit roundtable about the availability on the American Dream, this will be formatted somewhat like a debate. For this assignment, you must review the reading and thinking that you have done so far in this unit using the lens of your assigned position and conduct research that will support your position. You must:

  1. Research at least two pieces of evidence that support your argument, using two different types of evidence from the following list:
    1. Facts and Statistics - Data from surveys, studies, observations, research, etc.
    2. Analogy (figurative or literal) - comparisons between two things to reach conclusions based on similarities.
    3. Personal Experience of Anecdote - a true story about a person’s experience related to the topic
    4. Illustrative Example - Description of specific experience or example that could apply to the experience of your audience (similar to anecdote, but more easily relatable to audience)
    5. Expert/Personal Testimony - The use of a person’s words who has a great deal of expertise or experience with the topic, making them more credible.
    6. Hypothetical Case - a “what if” scenario that is fictional but plausible, similar to an illustrative example that you create yourself.
  2. Research at least one counterclaim using any of the types of evidence included above.
  3. All of your evidence should source information, a brief (1-3 sentence) summary, at least one direct quote, and a brief (1-3 sentence) response from you about how it relates to your argument

The question: Does the United States still provide access to the American Dream?

Yes, the American Dream is still a reality.                

No, the American Dream no longer exists.

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