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Synthesis of Money and the American Dream

Select one of the following writing options for synthesizing the ideas of multiple texts into one. Be sure to:

  • Demonstrate a consideration of the texts in the activity
  • Present a clear thesis or controlling idea
  • Smoothly synthesize the ideas
  • Use a variety of sentence structures


  1. Choose three separate quotations - a money quote, a line from the poem “Money,” and a line from A Raisin in the Sun - that could provide evidence or a jumping off point for your discussion of this question: How important is money to attaining the American Dream?
  2. Express a personal attitude toward money (perhaps agreeing or disagreeing with one of hte quotes about money on page 70) incorporating direct support of your thinking from three of the texts in this activity.
  3. In an essay that synthesizes ideas from three of the texts in this activity for support, take a position that defends, challenges, or qualifies the claim that money is an essential part of achieving the American Dream.

Tip: In academic writing, a synthesis is where an author takes a number of different ideas (and their own) and combines them to determine what larger meaning can be found about the way groups of people think on the topic. This means determining similarities and differences, possibly even considering viewpoints not mentioned or that could be developed in the future.

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