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Write an Objective Summary

Homework for Mr. Lydon’s Class - Due 9.04

Your assignment is the complete the Writing Prompt on page 31 which states:

Review your initial thinking about the definition of an American and the annotations you made in the margins of the letter. Write an objective summary of de Crevecoeur’s definition of an American using details from the text to support your thinking. Be sure to:

  • Include an introduction of the text you are summarizing.
  • Focus on the main argument and key ideas of the text.
  • Include at least one quote, paraphrased or quoted with original commentary.

For this assignment, you will carefully consider your notes on the “What is an American?” essay and explain Crevecoeur’s definition as objectively as possible. It is important to understand what is meant by objective: not under the influence of bias and representing only the facts. With this in mind, I provide the following suggestions:

  • Identify the overarching, central idea of the text.
  • Summarize not just the definition, but how the definition is developed over the course of the text; what ideas or imagery does it start with, how does it become more nuanced or complex, and how does the introduction and body lead  to its conclusion?
  • Include a description of the ideas, reasoning, and examples Crevecoeur uses to form his definition.
  • Use and quote words and phrases that stand out to you; explain how they relate to the larger purpose of the text.
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