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Exemplification and IR Character

Homework for Mr. Lydon’s Class - Due 8.21

This assignment is similar to the Check Your Understanding on page 7 of Springboard, which states the following:

Using a passage from McCain’s essay, write about one way this extended definition expanded your understanding of the word patriot. Be sure to:

  • Indicate what passage you are using as a reference.
  • Explain your expanded or new understanding.
  • Use appropriate transitions to connect your ideas.

The assignment I’m asking you to do is similar, although you are responsible for choosing what is being defined. You must select a character from your Independent Reading book and consider their characteristics. Is the character brave or cowardly? Rich or poor? Whichever characteristic you choose, you must then use exemplification to define it.

For instance, in the novel Unwind, the character Connor is rebellious. Using exemplification, I could say that Rebellion is running away from home, hitchhiking, and fighting with police. I would then need to explain how Connor does all of these things, and use reasoning to show that, by my extended definition, Connor is rebellious.