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Performance Reflection

Rather than give you an in-class reflection to complete, this assignment will be extended so that you can be more deliberate and thoughtful in your response, with a full measure of planning and crafting to support it. You are to write an short essay-length reflection on the process of crafting an interpretive performance and the results of this crafting as it relates to the role or importance of interpretation/performance. This reflection should thoughtfully consider all of the following components:

  1. How did the creative thinking of each member of the company contribute to the final product? Note - do not just list who worked on what; instead, an exemplary response will focus on the visions, insights, and motivations of the company that were the driving force of the choices you made together.

  2. What were the strengths of and challenges that contributed to the work of your acting company and how did you make choices that considered them?

  3. How did planning and/or performing the scene help you to understand or appreciate the larger play?

  4. Make specific references to Romeo and Juliet, including parts outside of your scene.

Because this is to be written as a reflective essay, you may include first-person pronouns in your response, however, you must include a clear thesis about performance and interpretation that your entire essay will support! This thesis could comment on the role of creativity or the effect on understanding that interpretation/performance can have or make a number of other strong assertions. This element must be present

Goals are to demonstrate an understanding of both the process of creating and performing an interpretation and the play Romeo and Juliet as a whole.

Exemplary Work will show creativity and insight in exploring the interaction between interpreter, performer, and text when creating a production of a work.

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